How is your day: 12th November

Last Modified Saturday, 11 November 2017 (11:51 IST)
The path to learning in your chosen field demands humility and a greater sense of awareness about people and situations, try being less judgmental and you will reap rich rewards, love life improves a wee bit. Be positive!   

Depending on others to take on your responsibilities is unrealistic today, its wiser to deal with your own agenda as it will need a personal touch, if single you meet someone interesting this evening, play by ear. 

Your brilliant marketing techniques are interesting, and hopefully filled with good intention as you are on many a test! At work, seeking guidance from the opposite sex works wonders.  

Those working from home have a busy day completing assignments taken on, strike a balance, do not promise more than you can deliver, finances show slight chances of improvement.  

Being judgmental out of turn will work against you today, as politics are plenty and you find yourself in the midst of much drama. Those planning to sell property receive good offers clinch that deal this evening. 

Job interviews/entrance exams today will be successful. Stay calm and forge ahead with confidence giving momentum to your plans and making things fall into place with your expertise and experience.  

Libra : On the crossroads of life, a need to look within and dig for answers calls for you to understand the importance of loving and trusting yourself. Health needs care if suffering from asthma/breathing troubles. Take it easy! 

Scorpio : Pending payments materialize and you enjoy spending power today. Some of you embark on a long business cum pleasure journey with loved ones in to enjoy splendid fun times ahead. Health is satisfactory. 

Independent business people fare well; a decision to add many more associates to their existing team is indicated and will prove a good move. If married minor tiffs are plenty and making this happy evening. 

Capricorn : Too much is demanded from you at work, and organization and orientation is urgently required to consolidate your position, if single develop new friendships without an agenda, ready for pleasant surprises. 

Aquarius : Travel is hectic and unavoidable, for work/business. Mixed results are indicated! Avoid being disheartened look at the brighter side. If single, someone at the work place shows a growing interest in you.  

Pisces : A light schedule at work emerges as you are more keen and enthusiastic about completing a prestigious current project well and tying loose ends when it comes to pending paperwork and correspondence.  
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