How is your day: 13th March

Last Modified Tuesday, 13 March 2018 (11:08 IST)
Aries: Staying calm will allow things to flow. If you haven't already learnt vital lessons, get ready for another to catch you when you are least expecting one more. Follow your instinct for resolution.

Taurus: Being impulsive in your speech and in your actions will prove to go against you in every way. Hold your breath. If creatively inclined, you may need to fine-tune your ideas before putting them into action.

Gemini:  Lending money to friends starts a vicious cycle. Be aware of your own choices. Follow your interests. Those in the garment industry receive new orders and make instant money.

Cancer: Finances are an issue and the best way to handle this is to sort out paper work with a bank official today, at work/business Ambitious is good. Going slow is even better.

Leo: Those emotionally involved with already committed individuals will set themselves up for failure. Love yourself today. If married, children in your environment and their education are important.

Virgo: Learning to be more forgiving is a challenge but well worth everything you get in return. Overseas travel for business-cum-pleasure gives you an opportunity to rise in your chosen field. Go for it.

Libra: A breakthrough at work is inevitable. Your patience finally pays off and hopefully you get paid for it too! Those living overseas return home, as a domestic contingency needs their urgent attention.

Scorpio: Charity begins at home. Maybe there is somebody in your family that needs your undivided attention today. Give it your best shot. New work offers come your way and promise more money.

Sagittarius: Short cuts at work will be discovered and there is always a chance of losing face and goodwill. Be wise. Your health is not as good as you would like it to be. Don't take things for granted.

Capricorn: Content with the progress in your personal life and yet skeptical about future plans, you decide to voice your concerns. It being not such a lucky day for confrontations, make sure you are thoughtful and diplomatic.

Aquarius: With a hectic and happy social agenda ahead, you tend to take work/business related matters easy. Some of you are offered quick rich schemes, which should be viewed well before accepting.

Pices: Work gets a little less complicated as you understand the pulse of people and situations well and adjust accordingly. Pending payments materialize and you use the funds for important matters on hand.
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