How is your day: 13th May

Last Modified Sunday, 13 May 2018 (10:10 IST)
Aries: It is tough to be understanding and compassionate especially if you truly don’t care and are free to turn away. However make ends harmonious both at work and home as you welcome new beginnings. Health is good.

Taurus:  That you are slowly reaching your goals is exciting but you plan to be as discreet as you can. You are building momentum in your chosen field of work. 

Gemini:  Family bliss and togetherness mean the world to you and today you divide your time equally doing justice to all. Property matters/litigations settle in your favor. 

Cancer: Feeling relaxed and more focused in general, is what is guiding you towards you ultimate goal, a major breakthrough in your career.

Leo: With creativity at its peak, you move towards a goal with a risk and are sure its bound to work again. If married, a permanent separation and legalities go in your favor. Take care of your health.

Virgo: Expenses are high and you may feel compelled to dig into your savings today. Make sure you have a back up plan incase of contingencies that may catch you unawares. 

Libra: If married, children and their academics occupy your mind and time as their success is what you work towards meticulously. You are hoping to get the best of them and through them. 

Scorpio: Life is as peaceful and uncomplicated as you make it. Be peaceful in your thoughts and actions and the rest will fall into place. Love life takes a back seat. Smile as excitement and an indulgent companion awaits you. 

Sagittarius: Travel is something you await as the day draws closer and whether it be for further study or catching up with relatives, fun and frolic await you. Health is good for most.

Capricorn:  If people are all important to you and what they say, makes or breaks your spirit you need a reality check to uplift that sagging self-esteem. Don’t be apologetic both at work and home and if its an unfair place to be.

Aquarius: Work can get more and more mundane and just sitting like this is not going to make the pain less. The actions you do following this are life changing. Follow your heart this evening.

Pices: You feel confident that work continues smoothly even though there is much you need to do in short time. Delays and obstacles are plenty but nothing that touches your spirit as you zoom ahead with confidence. 
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