How is your day: 13th November

Last Modified Tuesday, 13 November 2018 (10:48 IST)
Aries: Business partnerships fare well although a difference of opinion could go out of control and words exchanged can cause unnecessary damage.
Taurus: Love life bounces back to normal but expecting too much of a confused mate will mar harmony. Infuse space and play it by the ear. Try not to let your insecurities get the better of you.
Gemini:  Happy are your state of mind and a sense of light heartedness as you master your talent and put it to practice deriving good results and encouraging money inflow.

Cancer:  Controlling and judgmental you are likely to fall into trouble with people in authority at work. Demanding respect may not happen; earning it would mean an attitude change and some compromising to start with. 
Leo:  Job hunting or enhancing is a reality that gets tough as a ray of hope plays hide n seek with you today. Just leaving it and filling yourself with faith, surrender and gay abandon will bring the best options in front of you.
Virgo: Domestic unrest with health not being satisfactory will need to be dealt with before focus returns at work. Professional advice helps. Smile.
Libra: Domestic disturbances continue and an untoward incident shakes your confidence this morning. However, you muster all your determination and head to work where important decisions need to be taken.
Scorpio: It is all about getting to that quiet place in your heart and listening to that voice that guides you and shows you what to do next both at work and in your troubled personal life. Success is your aim and your destiny.
Sagittarius: Getting your act together is a chore, as for some of you being complacent and focusing on fun is still your best choice, balance is the key or losses and goodwill suffer.
Capricorn: A new proposal at work /business could involve risks today. But you are ready to take a chance and be different in your otherwise over cautious attitude. Manifesting big dreams in calm is indicated.
Aquarius: If a colleague at work spreads rumors, smile even more. It is all part of learning that insecurity is universal. Making an effort to tackle yours will change your environment to positive and conducive to growth.
Pisces:  Business partnerships farewell and new ideas and experimentation can now take place. Though there will be times when a difference of opinion or a clash of egos will bother you.
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