How is your day : 13th October

Aries: Relatives may demand your time and attention today as a contingency arises and you are trusted to resolve it with precision and peace. If single someone you are infatuated with shows response.
Taurus: Ups and downs are in plenty; however that does not stop you from looking for lucrative loopholes, make the process a happy one. Meetings/seminars this afternoon may be long and tiring, take care of your health.
Gemini:  Highs and lows are who you are today; take a break from routine. Catching up on pending paperwork and correspondence and get things organized. Money is slow being careful and go easy on expenses.

Cancer:  At ease and confident in your approach as you are able to perceive people and situations correctly, let your power and intuition guide you and decisions will be more accurate.
Leo:  Business partnerships hold great potential for expansion today, and certain events take you closer to your goal, you give your best, hoping to make a difference as integrity and sincerity are important to you.
Virgo:  Listen to your heart, it will show you the path both at work and in your personal life, finding the way at work is essential, but the key to your success lies in the inner knowledge that you know.
Libra: Work related matters improve and pending payments come through, make the most of people and situations that need deft and diplomatic handling. Money is good and expenditures equally high plan a budget.
Scorpio: Work is hectic; full of competition and criticism today and the best way to handle it is to maintain a low profile and stick to routine. Those in the field of exports may travel this evening, love life is peppy this evening.
Sagittarius: Getting to the core of your problems will mean, being honest. A brilliant chance to grow! Your talents are put to test today, and you do everyone proud, the universe is helpful with many transitions you go through at work.
Capricorn:  New beginnings at work prove less stressful and more lucrative, although politics and gossip should be avoided. Build on goodwill.
Aquarius: If involved in the garment/accessories field and holding exhibitions do well, make more money than anticipate,do not be satisfied with immediate returns, widen your horizons, your worth it.
Pisces:  You are likely to be as expressive as you can hoping honest communication breaks barriers in every area of your life. Hope for the best. Those suffering from asthma/ breathing troubles need to take care of their health.
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