How is your day: 14th December

Last Modified Saturday, 14 December 2019 (11:23 IST)
Aries: Take one step at a time, weighing pros and cons and being calculative, practical and above all sensible where your career is concerned.
Taurus: All work and no play can make you feel dull. The question is whether the work you are involved in is something that is your true calling. Get real fast. Many outside influence as well inside help can be sought.
Gemini:  You are inspired and yet impatient today as you push all your grit and determination in a current project that is challenging and needs more than a push at times.

Cancer:  If single, a good day to mingle. Announce your intentions and give love a chance. Happiness ahead. Business partners decide to add more people to the existing team. An excellent idea. It proves itself.
Leo:  Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Stay confident. If you feel belittled by the smallest of issues. Just the way you view things. Be broad-minded. Criticism is constructive.
Virgo: Keep your plans and decisions to yourself. Discretion works wonders. Health improves for most. A mentor/advisor play’s a vital role in your growth today. The single are all set to mingle.
Libra: You may not feel comfortable with certain new folk at work. It is a matter of time. Be prudent. Adept a new way of being and you will gain movement and momentum. You look forward to heading a prestigious project.
Scorpio: Testing the depth of your relationship with your mate is a wise idea. Be ready to accept whatever you discover. Stay happy. Speak with your seniors who may help review your role and alter your profile.
Sagittarius: Others leave you, entirely dependent on your abilities. Be true to yourself and give your best today. Opportunities are too many, and you take your time choosing. Create your own dream goal.
Capricorn: It is a pity that you are rigid and stubborn in every area of your life. It will prove to be a stumbling block in all you have ever desired. Maybe just to be understood, maintain harmony and peace for starters. 
Aquarius: Drowning yourself in work or in other hectic activity just to handle or get rid of feelings that are sad and overwhelming is something you face and may need to deal with head on.
Pisces:- Business cum travel journeys are fruitful and relaxing today as you get an opportunity to clinch a few important deals and spend quality time and entertain old clients. You build goodwill in the process.
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