How is your day: 14th November

Last Modified Wednesday, 14 November 2018 (10:41 IST)
Aries: Tempted to try your luck at quick rich schemes and big money investments can bring losses. Be sensible and prudent. You may just make more than you had bargained for today.
Taurus: Taking charge of both your personal and professional life seems inevitable and urgent today as you could be overwhelmed with events that make no sense to you. An uncertain phase and rash thinking is indicated.
Gemini:  It is difficult to put into words what you may be feeling, as an emotional void comes about in every area of your life. Take a deep breath, face your fears and do what you need to jump the fence.

Cancer:  You will be happy with your progress and assertive actions today, you begin to get enthusiastic even though the procedure and paperwork concerning some process is slow.
Leo:  Money channels open up and pending payments you have been waiting for flow in without too much of an issue on hand. If employed, being delegated more responsibility is not what you desire but be compelled to do.
Virgo: Work routine is set and goes according to plan, making you feel good about the efforts you have put in meticulously since a while.
Libra: Work wise smooth sailing comes in. Although watch what you do or say today, as misplacing or completely loosing valuable/important documents/valuables is not ruled out.
Scorpio: You will sow exactly what you reap. It is a day to be more compassionate, understanding and tolerant. Even though it seems a tall order for some in the circumstances you find yourself in at work and home.
Sagittarius: Hiring more staff and looking into every minute detail at work/business is important. Support and suggestion is a wise option.
Capricorn: Lady luck on your side at work continues. However don’t get too flighty or overconfident as you have a long way to go. The right amount of humility and sensibility in your ways will make and show a marked difference.
Aquarius: Dreams for you, Dreams for others. What’s important is you wishing others well, for your own progress, your hidden envy proves detrimental for yourself and your loved ones who sail in the same boat.
Pisces:  You decide to do something new that excites you and follow your instincts today. A recent heartbreak could have changed the way you look at life. A social gathering this evening means new friendships and great fun.
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