How is your day: 14th October

Last Modified Monday, 14 October 2019 (11:11 IST)
Aries: Fiery and determined, you march towards your goals and dreams. Many an obstacle proves a rich learning. Some of you entertain a close pal visiting from overseas painting the town red is sheer joy.
Taurus: You are likely to be offered something that you have never done before at work, focus on getting a team organized, and you will do well In your personal life.
Gemini:  Work is enhanced by your enthusiasm today, and you allow yourself to be adventurous at work, happy returns are indicated.

Cancer:  Returning to those you have left will be difficult today, say a small prayer, and know that you will succeed. Family litigation if any,in the way of work, however, do what is urgent. Love life remains happy, keep smiling! 
Leo:  Things in the workplace could get sticky and you make impressive speeches to seniors, let your performance do the rest. If dealing with public relations, a great chance to build your own contacts today.
Virgo:  Work wise you rise and shine, better than most, money inflow follows suit, splurge on a fun-shopping spree. Those going through an uncertain personal life, find it its tough to leave the past behind and yet.
Libra: Speculation/ gamble will take more out of you than you can imagine, focus on routine matters at work today that requires your attention. The desire to travel to catch up with relatives.
Scorpio: Feeling uncomfortable at the work place if recently switched jobs is a temporary feeling, be at peace within yourself! You will be looked after.
Sagittarius: You have the ability to change an unresolved situation to something that works, and works well.  Remember, trust is a gift you give yourself, look deeper into your intentions and the rest of the ideas flow with unity. 
Capricorn:  The lack of integrity from others in your business means you may have to look at people and situations personally, be positive - getting closer to your goals is not what's vital to you today.
Aquarius: Work gets hectic and you give it your best shot, your focus, however, in your personal life that needs some fuel, a new budding romance should be taken slowly and steadily. Money is tight, start saving, and be happy.
Pisces:  Career opportunities are on the brink and all you need is to strike the iron whilst it’s hot. Success is yours for the taking. Love life takes a back seat and you enjoy the peace you truly deserve.
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