How is your day : 15th August

Last Modified Thursday, 15 August 2019 (10:55 IST)
You are more than excited about a new romance in your life that is captivating and full of hope. But try not to get carried away and flow with the things. Work wise, your efforts and patience will be tested.

 Important meetings today and in mixed decisions and messages for you, making you feel very unsure about your future. Don’t jump to conclusions without valid reason and take things in your stride, looking at the bigger future. 

: If employed, many are dependent on your expertise and organizational abilities at work. But that’s not enough to keep you satisfied as opportunities coming from overseas attract your attention. Follow your heart.

:  You feel lonely and isolated, as there are very few to back you up in your troubles at work today. Help from unexpected quarters is a pleasant surprise, but its time you come up with a plan of sorts.

:  Manipulative ways are your forte, especially when you know you are being attacked. But don’t overdo it as your goodwill could be at stake, especially if dealing with the media or advertising field.

:  Business expands beyond your imagination and you don’t have any time to feel sorry about the small things in your life those are now turning insignificant slowly yet steadily.

Libra :  Positive and timely action with litigations you face, if concerning inheritance/property, can go in your favor if you are less reactive. Doing things in the right way, with sincerity, opens up the doors to abundance.
Scorpio : Family members are worried about you and your future as you tend to be discreet about your plans in every area of your life and don’t bend to anybody’s rules or ways.

: Family and spending precious time with family makes up your fun and relaxing day as you are pampered to the hilt. A short trip/journey is not ruled out. If single, you look for excitement this evening.

Capricorn :  Minor tiffs with your beloved can ruin your mood today. Don’t let anything come in between. You spend yet another hectic day at work, especially if creatively inclined or in the media. The evening spells fun.

Aquarius :  Your mind is full of innovative ideas if involved in an independent business. Those experiencing difficulty with staff should be fair and sort out issues harmoniously this evening.

Pisces:-  Business partnerships flourish as you share perfect understanding and rapport with your partner who is supportive and agrees on doing something different taking the necessary risk at this time.
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