How is your day: 15th December

Last Modified Saturday, 15 December 2018 (10:41 IST)
Aries: Love life begins to return to normalcy with your concerted efforts and continuous dedication towards your mate who has been overly sensitive today. You plan on giving your mate all the love he/she needs.
Taurus: Miscalculations and discrepancies that occur at work could mean redoing and altering at the earliest. Teamwork and loads of overtime indicated. Things should fall into place slowly and significantly.
Gemini:  Make yourself more loving and you will find love. You can do that by having faith that the universe is kind, generous and waiting for you to make the right connections.

Cancer:  If you are feeling restless and in limbo, follow your heart and your inner voice both in your personal and professional life. You will make all the necessary changes you desire.
Leo:  Too much workload and deadlines bother your performance and you may plan on hiring more staff whether you are employed or not as you are keen to deliver your best.
Virgo: Positive changes in your career and a major breakthrough come after a long span of concerted effort and many promises you have made to associates and seniors at work. Today you get down to action oriented plans.
Libra: You are ambitious and are actively searching for the right environment to showcase your talents. You take risks that you don’t think too much about, but work brilliantly.
Scorpio: The chance of being misunderstood are plenty today as you shoot your mouth when upset at and about work. However suggestions and support from a close pal to help you stabilize.
Sagittarius: Sudden travel for personal reasons can be tiring however necessary. If dealing with garments/ clothes, organizing and sorting out many situations that need your personal attention is indicated.
Capricorn: If employed, you now try and do different things looking at your other interests/hobbies. Money making being most important, a good change in attitude will draw success.
Aquarius: A close relative/associate going through financial troubles comes to you for counsel/aid and you do your best. Work life remains a top priority as you make the most of your talents.
Pisces:- You fight for your freedom from anyone or anything that binds you today. With your head held high and your tears not seen as some transitions can be painful, however necessary for your personal growth.
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