How is your day: 15th January

Last Modified Wednesday, 15 January 2020 (11:19 IST)
Aries: There may be increase in disease, you will face some hurdles, anxiety, conflict, but your enemies will be routed all the same.

Taurus:  You will get chances to gain, an old disease may surface all over again, stay clear of losses, your enemies will be defeated.
Gemini:  Pain, fear, loss from conflicts, gain from bravery, there are also chances of a deficit in happiness.

Cancer:  The enemy will remain a threat, he may inflict pains on you, but that doesn’t mean you will not come across the moments, that can make you gain.
Leo:  Gains, happiness, prosperity. Enemies shall be defeated. But stay clear of conflicts and situations that can embarrass you.
Virgo:  Pain, fear, conflict and disappointments are on the cards. Stay clear of humiliation and losing money.
Libra: Apprehensions, pains, losses on the cards. You need to chin up and fight it out. You may get your happiness.

Scorpio: Bravado will be beneficial. Women may find it tough to deal with as some old malady may surface again.
Sagittarius:  Women may bring you gains and losses both. Travelling may prove harmful. Stay clear of conflicts. Women also may face some trouble.

Capricorn:  State power may hurt you but touring will be beneficial. Old conflicts will die down.
Aquarius:  Chances of increase in fame and gain. Bad company will harm you. Stay clear of fire. You may get some entitlements.
There will be increase in ailments and expenditure. Your honor may get hurt. Enemies may grow stronger. Pains too may increase.
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