How is your day: 15th June

Last Modified Wednesday, 14 June 2017 (19:49 IST)
Aries The chance of being misunderstood are plenty today as you shoot your mouth when upset at and about work. However suggestions and support from a close pal help you stabilize. 

Taurus : Sudden travel for personal reasons can be tiring however necessary. If dealing with garments/ clothes, organizing and sorting out many situations that need your personal attention is indicated. 

Gemini : You feel more in control with and about yourself and it reflects at work and in all round personal relationships with many. Envy at some level exists. Maybe its time you ignore and watch your own progress carefully.

Cancer : You are not happy with the status quo at work today and feel stifled and trampled upon by others and existing politics at work. 
Leo : Getting down to serious work could be tough today as a domestic contingency saps your time and energy. Don’t jump the gun when it comes to volatile situations with family.   
Virgo : Going that extra mile in order to get your act together is a tough choice but not impossible. Your strong will and faith is unshakable. Those in the writing/publishing field widen their scope and horizon. 

Libra : Silence is your mantra today as you choose to look within for answers you seek about many a persons or situation unresolved. Clarity is inevitable. What you do with it is key.

Scorpio : Business folk are tempted to take a risk and may do so after much counsel. You are on the right track. Forge ahead with conviction.

Sagittarius Competition unexpected from an unassuming and subtle colleague can raise your eyebrows. Enjoy the competition and be equally competitive.

Capricorn : Reflective, confused and lost will disappear. Enjoy your disconnect and re-discover a new you. Routine work brings money. Splurge on what you desire. 

Aquarius : Being unreasonable and jealous with your beloved, will keep you de-focused at work and criticism coming your way is not ruled out. Get your priorities right and do the needful.

Pisces : Realizations hit you and you are rich as experiences you go through make you a better person eventually affecting all areas of your life in harmonious ways.

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