How is your day: 15th November

Last Modified Tuesday, 14 November 2017 (18:33 IST)
A busy day at work as planned moves on your part gain momentum and you benefit from quick results. You spend the latter half of the day with old clients / customers hoping to push the right buttons. 
Pessimisms and negative thoughts are an old habit. Perseverance and precision is key. Love life needs a re-haul. Make it happen.

New beginnings are in sight. Complacency from your side causes a fall out. Make the most of the sun shining on you. Family is with you. Travel for some this weekend is unwinding and pleasant.

There takes all types to make this world, try not to waste time and energy on those who don’t deserve it, keep up the focus at work. Loads of success ahead today, love life is warm and memorable this evening.  

Finances improve! Money matters and investments wise are top priority today; as you seek advice in certain key matters, however follow your own instinct, if single love life is promising. Loved ones are supportive.

Work pressure and the tendency to goof up high, get your act together, the universe will back your efforts. Money troubles could mean you looking for loopholes and loans.

Libra : Switching jobs for a steady you has been tough, sustaining it an ordeal for some, slow and steady is your progress, bank on your many talents.  

Scorpio : You do what it takes to defocus from the painful past and concentrate on the present today, and even though there is back and forth, you are determined to compete with yourself, work is hectic and deadlines plenty.

Everyday work is increasing and you find yourself on top of things. and there’s nothing like a free lunch for a crisp, honest business person like you, you leave the rest to a compassionate universe. 

Capricorn : Short cuts and manipulations, it seems you have shorter goals and smaller vision as you make mistake after mistake, getting it right will take you to be more than just doing the needful, learn the hard way you will.

Aquarius : Life is not about getting there but about getting it! and hopefully you are on the right track, if only you keep envy at bay, understand your own talent and grow from knowledge within you. 

Pisces : Cheer up! Make sure you do what you need to before you take any unnecessary risks today as there is a strong chance of going wrong where you least expect a hitch, love life remains in the background.
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