How is your day: 15th October

Last Modified Thursday, 15 October 2020 (10:34 IST)
Allow your instinct to guide you today as intrigue grows both in your professional as well as personal life, health is bad and needs a serious medical opinion this evening, take it easy.

Independent business folk strike gold as new contacts and contracts grow today, building goodwill is top on your list of priorities, and you build momentum in the right direction. 

Domestic life takes priority as there are contingencies you need to address on your own some today, the lack of support may bother you, however do as you are expected and the tide will change in your favor. 

If employed, responsibilities increase and you feel on top of things, finances may be tight for the moment, but staying positive and facing your fears help in a big way. Love life is full of pleasant surprises this evening.

Work may not be as enthusiastic as you would prefer, and its a good time to wait patiently for that major breakthrough you have been awaiting.

Short tempered and unreasonable, you will rub people up the wrong way at the work place, expect criticism and indifference to an extent. Be fair in your dealings and you will set the ball rolling.

Libra : Life is not as easy as you would like it to be, hardships and challenges in plenty, always an opportunity to prove your mettle. If single, new friendships you strike are full of hope.

Scorpio : A hectic schedule demands all your time and attention today and you may have to cancel prior made plans with your mate who will be a wee bit upset. Health improves.

:Work picks up and you are happy with the money inflow. Investments made today should be short term for benefits. 

Capricorn : Work wise, things run smoothly, and you are now able to focus on pet projects you had shelved due to the lack of time. Money owed to you starts trickling in, and you enjoy spending power. 

Aquarius :Business partnerships flourish and expansion plans could be stalled for the moment. All concerned feel that more time 

Pisces : Work is tough and challenging for most but you manage to do your best and even more as you are determined towards 
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