How is your day : 16th August

Last Modified Friday, 16 August 2019 (10:20 IST)
Business is good as usual and you add on to your present strategy with a view to further expansion in your chosen field. Loans and licenses are granted and you are your creative best.

 Busy as can be and still looking outside for better opportunities is a wise strategy today. At one level you are bored doing the same thing and on another, you are beginning to feel and understand your own potential.

: Loads of minor tiffs can turn into big arguments if you are unreasonable with your hot-tempered mate today. A permanent parting of ways is not ruled out. Be positive and all will be well.

:  Communication will have to be as open and honest as you can possibly get if you are looking for great results in new business partnerships.  Domestic tensions are less, but still continue.

:  You face indecision in a work matter, go with your gut feelings for this one. If single, someone new will be interesting. Play by ear, avoid over expecting. This evening relatives will be in touch, make a dinner plan.

:  The health of a loved one improves, giving you time for a personal project that was shelved. Trouble with a sibling over money matters can ruin the harmony.

Libra :  An overseas communication brings cheerful news of a financial kind. If married some of you discuss planning a baby and domestic bliss is in abundance.

Scorpio :  Those in an independent business venture may have to pump in more funds to complete a current project. Be secretive about your plans, there may be some posing as well wishers with ulterior motives in the background.

:  You wait for an impressive turn in your career, and the key to the Pandora's box lies in your hands. Make connections from the inside and discover your true calling, march towards it with faith.

Capricorn :  Artists/musicians get an opportunity to showcase their talents today and are likely to receive much praise and promise today. A happy event is celebrated with the family with much pomp and joy this evening.

Aquarius :  A third person’s opinion, judgment in your personal affairs will be no less than interference as you are influenced by what is said to you, follow your own instinct and ignore the voices of the world.

Pisces:-  You are gearing yourself up secretly with having a premonition that you will/may have to face challenges when you least expect to! Keep it up, personally you choose to ignore your love-life this evening.
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