How is your day: 16th December

Last Modified Monday, 16 December 2019 (10:18 IST)
Work gets better as money, success, personal power, and love channels open up and give to you unconditionally. Make very sure it does not all go to your head and stay as humble as can to maintain.
Taurus:  Today's business developments give you cause to be happy. You may go out celebrating with a close companion tonight. Ups and downs are likely to bother you.
Gemini:  Watch extravagant moods and desires. Either you or others may be tempted to go overboard in spending. Apply tough sanctions and consequences to an offender.

Cancer:  Too many minor distractions to cope with today, including a sensitive person who exaggerates. Be patient in your efforts.
Leo: Finances stuck continue to be delayed. Make important connections, allowing for freedom and abundance. A new you, with new ways of being and thinking will bring you the security you long for today!
Virgo:  A topsy-turvy and challenging day at work as you may be expected to do much more than you had bargained for and now feel a bit short changed. Open communication helps.
Libra: Independent business people gain from good will and success is assured. Especially if dealing in trade of garments. Students waiting for admissions receive good news this evening and celebrate with loved ones.
Scorpio: Expenditures continue to be high and you plan on some professional advice at this juncture to make sure you are on the right track and the mistakes you have made can be smoothened by right actions at the right time.
Sagittarius: This is another big day for you socially. Be sure to make plans to mix and mingle. You'll be very popular!
Capricorn: You might not be convinced that you are doing the right thing for yourself as far as work related matters are concerned. Be happy with your current choices.
 Aquarius: You are ready and free to move on as new paths open up both at work and in your personal life. Flow with it. Trust the universe and the process.
Pisces:- Health and well being improves and you feel on top of the world and energetic today as you can go about your agenda. Executing your new ideas without stress or fear as creativity flows and results will be impressive.
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