How is your day: 16th November

Last Modified Wednesday, 15 November 2017 (18:44 IST)
Times can get difficult today as you are pulled in different directions and the lack of quality time can affect your focus and fortunes adversely. Be patient and trust your associates to take charge.
Responsibilities increase and you are more than ready to accept the extra work, however hoping for better money. This could be an issue. Try a compromise and don’t lose out on a good proposal. 

Domestic strife increases and the uncertainty is unnerving and unsettling for the most part. You may have to attend to important agenda personally this afternoon and your ideas are approved much to your relief and joy. 

Work wise you are satisfied with your lot, even though you are capable of much more. Complacency stops you from widening your horizons. Stay open minded to changes and chances you may get. 

Those frantically looking for a new job opening and ready for an upcoming interview will be successful in their endeavors. If working for the media you compete with others desiring fame and goodwill. 

Desiring a change/shift in career? Opportunities from everywhere seem to come at the same time and choosing becomes an issue. Weigh pros and cons carefully and try not to waste too much time. 

Libra : Those married may feel financial pinch as expenditures increase and they need to save funds to be able to look after future plans. Professional advice at this juncture is advisable. 

Scorpio : Romantic and dreamy about everything you do today, will have its good points and bad. Business partnerships are something you know does not work for you.  

You feel uneasy at work and tend to take things too personally. This causes others around you to feel guilty and overdo things. Money inflow remains constant and you plan to make a few short term investments. 

Capricorn : Family run business may come to a grinding halt due to domestic strife and misunderstandings today. It is wise to get legal advice and sort things out. 

Aquarius : You feel may be you are getting a raw deal even though you put in your all at work. However be a little more patient and voice your feelings to the right person and you could be surprised with the receiving. 

Pisces : Too many issues to handle at home may not allow you to take up new work. Postpone! Be true to yourself. Life gets easier in acceptance. All you need to know is that the universe knows what's best for you.
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