How is your day: 17th April

Last Modified Saturday, 17 April 2021 (10:52 IST)
Aries: You possess exceptional organizational abilities, which come to the fore at this time. Poetry and literary gatherings hold your interest today. Your eyes may need taking care of.

Taurus: Distant relatives may drop by. You get an opportunity to find the knowledge you seek. You may have some stomach trouble; watch what you eat. Fortune favors you in a period of fluctuating income.

Gemini: You will spend time with relatives. Participation in a charitable activity is indicated today. You are mentally alert and physically energetic. Avoid extending credit to anyone in business. 

Cancer: Home life is not at its peaceful best. The bitter experiences of the past few days will slowly fade away. Is your body sending out warning signals? See a doctor at once. This is the day to deal with bankers.  

Leo: Busy as can be and still looking outside for better opportunities is a wise strategy today. At one level you are bored doing the same thing and on another, you are beginning to feel and understand your own potential. 

Virgo: Loads of minor tiffs can turn into big arguments if you are unreasonable with your hot-tempered mate today. A permanent parting of ways is not ruled out. Work wise, progress is slow but significant. . 

Libra: Communication will have to be as open and honest as you can possibly get if your looking for great results in new business partnerships.  Domestic tensions are less but still continue. 

Scorpio: You face indecision in a work matter, go by your gut feelings for this one. If single, someone new will be interesting. This evening relatives will be in touch, make a dinner plan, enjoy! 

Sagittarius: A long-lost love is likely to get rekindled on its own, giving you a second chance to get it right this time. Work your way to success and show your feelings without too much thought or plan. 

Capricorn: Action-oriented plans gain momentum and you are finally happy for a breakthrough that you have been waiting for. 

Aquarius:  Too many issues to handle at home may not allow you to take up new work. Postpone! Be true to yourself. Life gets easier in acceptance. All you need to know is that the universe knows what's best for you. 

Pices: Your workload increases and you decide to cut down on what you think is not important focusing on quality over quantity. The generously you gives your best in time, in money to loved ones today.
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