How is your day: 17th January

Last Modified Friday, 17 January 2020 (11:18 IST)
Aries: Calculated risks in financial dealings produce the kind of quality and quantity of progress you desire today. Those in long-term relationships plan the future sharing perfect togetherness and companionship today.

You have two choices ahead of you with completely different paths. Take a deep breath and decide which one. Being happy in the small significant and many colors your life has will mean bringing in many more of them!

Gemini: Inheritances are indicated, and plenty of it comes in today. Invest wisely. Maintaining good relationships with those at work and in your personal life will change you and your speed of growth at work.

Cancer:  An early start many a deadline and dedication on your side. Drop the stress. You are a winner. Work today is all about taking a chance, a step, maybe a huge risk. It all works for you. Go ahead.
Leo: Tough times at work and unconditional support from a close pal. Break the spell. Enjoy success. Fame and recognition in your chosen field are indicated.

Virgo: A new assignment proves to be different and daring in spirit and content! Enjoy many an adventure ahead!  However, put a firm foot down. It works well.
Libra: Restless and uneasy, you aim for the stars and more today. Stay grounded; you will achieve your impossible targets. Being the center of attraction is important to your ego. However, be practical.

Scorpio: A property deal falls through, arranging funds is top priority. Help comes. Be cheerful. Keep the faith, many a slip between the lip and the cup. An unexpected romance surprises you pleasantly, make the most of it!

Sagittarius: You are easy going and you attitude attracts success all things sweet and happy today! Nostalgic and thoughtful, you reach out to someone you have cared for all your life today. Work wise, things run smoothly.

Capricorn: Focus may not be to the mark today. and the tendency to be self-critical is huge. If in love, be patient with your mate, being impulsive in your speech and in your actions mar love and harmony. Keep smiling.
Aquarius: If creatively inclined, you may need to discuss you ride as with associates, receive approval before you draw out any plans for the future, rivals and unseen enemies/ tests are plenty, stay focused on your goal.

Pisces:- Getting choosy about what you take at work is indicated. Follow your interests. Let money be the least of your concerns. Those in sales/marketing of products receive new orders and make instant money.
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