How is your day: 17th November

Last Modified Thursday, 7 November 2019 (11:19 IST)
Aries: Action-oriented plans gain momentum and you are finally happy for a breakthrough that you have been waiting for. However strike a balance being more social will allow you to see life in many different colors.

A wage hike makes you happy and yet you wish it you could be of more service at work, communicating your desires will prove a big step in the right direction.

Gemini:  Your workload increases and you decide to cut down on what you think is not important focusing on quality over quantity. The generously you gives your best in time, in money to loved ones today.

Cancer:  WIn the midst of deadline chaos work wise chaos, you realize your need for an attitude change, a calmer you is a productive you, knowing it will prove beneficial as you move steadily towards achieving your targets.

Leo:  New avenues to make money should be tapped into assertively, not aggressively, looking into long-term goals. There is a tendency of going back and forth and indecisiveness could play havoc with your plans.

Virgo: You tends to give more than you get and its time to get wise. You deserve it all. Students fare well in your examinations. Hope you understand that study means dedication. Wishing you clarity.

Libra: The fear of losing ground cannot arise. A meaningless flirtation ends abruptly. You pick up your self-respect and walk towards greener pastures. Let your winning strategy be your calm, cool way of being.

Scorpio: Give up the games/manipulations at work on the other side waits wealth and wisdom. Some of you need to guard your frank speech and brash ways may get you into trouble today with people you care for.

Sagittarius: Taking a stand is not easy for you. Discover your inadequacies and address them. Money you owe others needs to be honored. No matter what you have in your mind, your dishonest ways will be discovered.

Capricorn: Keep your reservations and validation issues aside and go for the kill. Competition at work gets boring as you realize that others try to make you feel what you are not.

Aquarius: Work is slow and times on your hands plenty. Get organized for a fresh new start. Dreams are not good enough. Organize in a way that benefits your vision although make sure to start small yet significant.

Pisces:  Business cum travel journeys are fruitful and relaxing today as you get an opportunity to clinch a few important deals and spend quality time and entertain old clients. You build goodwill in the process.
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