How is your day: 18th December

Last Modified Wednesday, 18 December 2019 (11:08 IST)
Many happy moments in a lucrative day at work where your contribution makes all the difference. You do more than your best to get your point across to a close pal going through an emotional upheaval. 
Taurus:  Independent business people do well. New contracts clinched have a good potential for you to grow and expand in your chosen field. Those applying for loans receive a good response and can look to progress.

Gemini:  Work can be boring and you are in no mood to make it interesting today. Follow your heart, don’t push yourself. Wait for cues from the universe. Those in love are confused. Health is good.

Cancer:  New openings at work are slow but sure. Make the most of trends and meet new people who will help you in fulfilling your dreams. Money crunches are increasing. Be cautious and you get more organized.

Leo:  Your attitude may not be one of gratitude, but making sure you are a part of a solution rather than the problem will bring results. Mixed at first, there will be improvement later.

Virgo:  Giving yourself importance is one thing but constantly comparing yourself to others is pitiful. An internal makeover is most essential. Cleanse your thoughts and your heart. Take your time. Health is good.
Libra: If you have lost recently, it is time for some movement and commitment as your life takes a turn for the positive. Travel plans materialize and great fun is in store. Love life comes to a grinding halt.
Scorpio: Love life is rocky and it seems to run into pattern. Ask yourself whether this is in an ideal situation. You understand the need an importance of teamwork and effort and get to the organization of it all. All the best.
Sagittarius:  You feel the need to clear the air between you and a senior at work, getting off the ego clashes; A great way for new beginnings. Do not take anything or anyone seriously until proven. Rely only on yourself.
Capricorn:  A perfectionist at work, others may fail to understand your constant passion. Let it not bother your creative process and progress. Emergencies at work do not allow for you to take huger risks and limit your progress.

 Aquarius: If tempted to cheat on your mate, repercussions will make you sit up and wonder. Instead clear the clutter and mess at work that needs your personal touch. Health improves for most.
Pisces:- Hard work may not be enough today. Delays and obstacles teach you process and protocol. Be patient yet ready for eventualities. Finances for some need sorting out this evening.
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