How is your day: 18th January

Last Modified Friday, 18 January 2019 (10:18 IST)
Aries:  Finances are an issue and the best way to handle this is to sort out paper work with a bank official today. If single, get real about love, make the necessary moves today, the response you receive will be pleasant.
Taurus:  Ambitious is good, and a platform to showcase your talent provided, the rest remains in your hands, for those feeling a financial block, soul searching and seeking advice proves to be more beneficial.
Gemini:  Marriage is on the cards and planning every small detail with your beloved and family will be promising and exciting, if employed, a current project takes up much time and overtime is indicated this evening.

Cancer:  Getting inspired by others at work to a certain degree is healthy. But allow your instincts to take over when it comes to big decisions, those on a business cum pleasure travel should be prepared for mixed results.
Leo:  Learning to be more forgiving is a challenge but well worth everything you get in return. Try it. Love life is not a dream. Discussing sensitive issues now will save you the heartbreak later. Take care of your health.
Virgo:  Overseas travel for business gives you an opportunity to rise in your chosen field. Go for it. If in the trading profession, a breakthrough at work is inevitable. Your patience finally pays off and hopefully you get paid for it too!
Libra: A lazy luxurious day to yourself as you decides to catch up with yourself and your pet projects. Find a way to pay back urgent loans are something to be looked into today.
Scorpio: Charity begins at home. Maybe there is somebody in your family that needs your undivided attention today. Give it your best shot. New work offers come your way and promise more money.
Sagittarius:  Short cuts at work will be discovered and there is always a chance of losing face and goodwill. Be wise. Your health is not as good as you would like it to be. Don't take things for granted.
Capricorn:  Re-prioritizing your life is uppermost on your mind as you operate from a gut feeling and enjoy positive results. Unwind and de-stress not taking on more than you can handle.
Aquarius:  Every small assignment will lead to a big one in your chosen field provided you are grateful and use the platform to show your true talents.
Pisces:- Health improves, but you can’t take anything for granted as yet. Nurturing yourself and avoiding hectic activity is indicated.
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