How is your day: 1st January

Last Modified Monday, 1 January 2018 (09:39 IST)
Aries :You take a lot of pain to achieve your goals. Despite being worried you earn friends and demolish enemies. An altercation with female is on the cards.
You taste success and register victory over your enemies. Wisdom completes your uncompleted work. A stomach ache may make your health worse. Some can get clothes as gifts.

Gemini :A Troublesome day which promises monetary benefit in the end. Be extra cautious in use of vehicle and machinery.  

You are on the track of progress which earns you benefit in the long run. Despite defeating  opponents, you are gripped by an unknown fear. 

 An eye problem may  play a spoilsport in the new year beginning.  Monetary benefit is on the cards. Be careful from  enemies as you may get insulted today. 

The first day of the year won’t be too good for you.  A lousy day, accompanied by financial loss and other trouble.  

Libra : A mental block will haunt you the whole day. A sad news will make the day even worse.

Scorpio : Even in Kiosk you taste success but possibilities of fear and loss is high. You will have to be satisfied with small profits today.  

Possibility of journey is on the cards. A day to reap the benefit of hard work. However, Bad company may land you in trouble.

Capricorn : A good news will make an ideal start for the day and year.  If you are a lady the day will be full of joy, but you will have to deal with the spoilsports.

Aquarius :The inflow of cash keeps your smile on the face. The victory over enemies and a good news will make your day.

Pisces : The health remains a major concern, altercation in house and financial loss will make it even worse.  
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