How is your day: 1st July

Last Modified Friday, 30 June 2017 (19:47 IST)
Aries Adjusting to a new environment has its own teething problems but all's well that ends well. Those in long distance relationships make a plan to catch up on romance planning a short holiday this evening.
Taurus : Discrepancies at work are no coincidences and you look closer and resolve them today. If married, in-law issues and misunderstandings are unnecessary. Start your year with goodwill and happiness.
Gemini : Trapped in the past and fears is your state of mind today. Seek the help you require. You won't be disappointed. Consolidating your position in your beloved’s heart is indicated. Enjoy love this evening.

Cancer : Pending payments materialize and you enjoy spending power today. Some of you embark on a long business cum pleasure journey with loved ones in to enjoy splendid fun times ahead. Health is satisfactory.
Leo : Independent business people fare well; a decision to add many more associates to their existing team is indicated and will prove a good move. If married minor tiffs are plenty and making amends advised this evening.
Virgo Too much is demanded from you at work, and organization and orientation is urgently required to consolidate your position. Health improves.
Libra Travel is hectic and unavoidable, for work/business. Mixed results are indicated! Avoid being disheartened look at the brighter side. If single, someone at the work place shows a growing interest in you. 
Scorpio : Money starts coming in slowly and steadily and hoarding it is not a good choice, splurge lavishly, and treat yourself to all you deserve, Invite abundance.
Sagittarius : Let not your limited visions about your work/business will prove to be a failing to your high-flying dreams. Be grounded. Surprises follow.
Capricorn : Success is yours for the taking today. A mind-body-soul connection at work will give you the kind of pleasure that you look for. Travel for some is hectic although lucrative; enjoy peace this evening.
Aquarius : Many a new idea is brimming in your head. Try one today. You will be very successful. Health is good. In your personal life, stay in honesty, health improves.
Pisces : There will be those who come to teach you that trusting blindly should be avoided, keep smiling, things will turn in your favor. 

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