How is your day: 1st May

Last Modified Saturday, 1 May 2021 (10:10 IST)
Aries: Work wise, you are busier than ever as what you do is something you enjoy. Growth and personal power are slowly yet significantly coming your way. Love is not on the agenda but expect some surprises.

Taurus: Much appreciation and a definite wage hike may be promised to some of you today, proving to be an inspiration to push yourself harder. Walk that extra mile. 

Gemini: Although you feel the lack of support from envious colleagues and judgmental seniors, you remain as focused as ever. Those in long-term relationships draw closer. Enjoy romance this evening.

Cancer:Knowledge and learning is important to you and some of you decide to take a break from routine affairs and sign up for a new course that is sure to enhance your chances to make the kind of breakthroughs you desire.

Leo: You plan to be true to yourself and take a break from pressure and regular work letting your instinct guide you towards inner light. 

Virgo: Work wise you tend to be over choosy and moody today, and do exactly as you please. Your brash and sometimes blunt speech hurt others both in your professional and personal life. 

Libra: You find it difficult to keep your word. Integrity and honesty being an issue as overconfidence and arrogance brim to the surface. Pull your socks and do what is right. Redeem yourself. 

Scorpio: Responsibility not taken seriously will make you fall flat on your force. Participate in something you know needs attention in your life. Love life is as amusing as it can get. Enjoy it for now.

Sagittarius: Nobody touches you when it comes to generosity of heart and you win many over. Helping and assisting comes to you naturally. Work wise enjoy new beginnings which invite many others changes. 

Capricorn: Those of you in sales and marketing have a tough day as tricky people and situations are challenges and ideas seem to be lacking under stress. Let inspiration come to you in bits and spurts. 

Aquarius:  You are hoping to get important and pending work done and organized today. But you still feel the lack of appreciation and out in the cold as others prefer to give credit of what you have done to others.

Pices: A job switch is on your mind and yet you think hard of the comfort zone you are in and wait a while, weighing the pros and cons carefully before you take the leap you internally desire.
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