How is your day: 21st October

Last Modified Sunday, 21 October 2018 (10:45 IST)
Those of you working out of your homes, plan on purchasing an office space with a view to expand on current operations. Visiting sites this afternoon is indicated health needs care.

:An early start is indicated, as your day is plagued with meetings and discussion at work. Not to get influenced by idea presented to you by others. Take time to come to your own personal formula.

Taking on more helpful/useful associate in your team is a sure short success provided you be prudent about your choices. Money is slow but for now focus.

How is your day: 21st October
Certain projects at work may mean building contacts, dealing with clients and building on goodwill and loads of entertaining this afternoon. 

Short work-related journeys are plenty and you are hesitant as domestic contingencies take up your attention and top priority today. Striking a balance is vital and you manage after some necessary. 

Stubborn get sensitive, you take your time to change people and situations. Making up your mind and sticking to your convictions will mean creating waves as you dove to be defiant and at times different.

Libra :  Your performance at work brings in much appreciation and being instrumental in clinching deals are sure to bring in a wage hike with  more lucrative promises. 

Scorpio : If employed you may be a wee bit dissatisfied with your job profile and look for a change within or outside. This could mean, a home away from home, loads of travel, uncertainly but nevertheless exciting.

:Those on the brink of a job switch may have double thoughts at the last moment as your comfort zone is challenged. You need to make decisions that are quick as time is of the essence.  

Capricorn : Independent business people get ready to try out a new risk and strategy that will take a while to roll. Health is good.

Aquarius :Quality of work today is important to you as you are all set to impress and get some more accolades and new contracts from clients and customers in your chosen field. Money inflow is slow but nothing to stress over. 

Pisces : If employed, you seriously consider moving out and doing something that you have always been interested in. Maybe a huge risk but you are equipped with what it takes.
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