How is your day: 22nd February

Last Modified Monday, 22 February 2021 (09:59 IST)
Your siblings stand by you at all times. You get an opportunity to find the knowledge you seek. A stomachache is likely to cause you a lot of discomfort.
Taurus:  You find yourself hampered with delays and disappointments on the work front. An extra dose of Venus energy draws the opposite sex towards you.
Gemini:  You feel the need to play the field but are not sure you want to get into a committed relationship at this time; take time to think through things.

Cancer:  Don't plan to pack too much in the day; the disruptions will drive you out of your mind. You are happy and satisfied; the day is full of spectacular achievements. Health is on the upswing.
Leo:  Expect monetary gains from across the shores. You and your partner celebrate a wonderful togetherness; complete compatibility in body and soul.
Virgo:  A person you don't see eye-to-eye with may try to make life difficult. With a dramatic rise in income, maybe it's time to treat yourself. Prospects for romance are not on the horizon at the moment.
Libra: Your involvement in philanthropic bodies bolsters your position in society. You are happy and satisfied; the day is full of spectacular achievements.  
Scorpio: You find it difficult to say no despite the trouble it often lands you in. A loving interaction with your mother is indicated. There is a possibility of property being damaged.
Sagittarius:  You will be inclined to take a deep interest in public movements that attract large masses of people. Participation in group activities is highlighted today.
Capricorn:  An honest intention from your side can open avenues provided you back them up with action! those in the writing/publishing field are satisfied with their growth and broaden their horizons.
Aquarius:  Finances are an area you intuitively know are not appropriate can be handled accordingly, those in long term love relationships face big trouble as they feel disconnected and out of love, soul searching is a good idea.
Pisces:- Current projects that have upcoming deadlines is important and uppermost in your mind today, delays and obstacles can be expected, overtime and taking paperwork home this weekend is a surety.
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