How is your day: 23rd July

Last Modified Saturday, 22 July 2017 (17:47 IST)
A happy event celebrated at home amongst loved ones is fun and frolic, full of laughter and enjoyment.

Stress and tensions for you strain as you feel unappreciated and taken for granted at work. Have more faith in your abilities and the universe will back you up.

Success is yours for the taking in every area of your life as stress is under control. Finally things fall into place simply by your strong intensions and working as hard as you can. 

If wanting to start anew and afresh in the stone/jewellery business, you communicate your interests to big business houses, make necessary arrangements to showcase your goods.  

Be assertive and get your way! Love life tends to remain in the background, although your mate does his/ her best to please you. Fun outings and romantic dinner will brighten things up.

Travel indicated as sudden work in your chosen field demands it. Today, you try to make it pleasurable by asking your mate to come along with you and eventually have a good time. 

Libra : Work is routine and you desire it to be more challenging. If employed, you are hoping you are assigned ventures that can showcase your talents. Slow and easy, don't rush the process.

Scorpio :  Busy and yet troubled by an old health issue cropping up is something you have to deal with. A medical opinion is a wise choice, finances for some are still tight, and suggestions on saving will be bright.

: All and more as much as you desire, as you possess the Midas touch today. Making the most of it may require aggressive action. Let complacency be an issue of the past and forge ahead with confidence.

Capricorn : If creatively inclined, you make the most of a platform given to you, showcasing what you have to offer and in turn getting other work signing lucrative contracts, travel could be part of your agenda and you welcome it.

Aquarius : An, eventful day. gather your experiences and make those important connections that will change your life, if money is a huge issue, expenses will get higher, attracting exactly what you fear. 

Pisces : If you owe money to others, your own channels of abundance can be blocked today. Make sure you make the right choices and sort out messes of any kind.
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