How is your day: 23rd March

Last Modified Saturday, 23 March 2019 (10:33 IST)
Aries: If tempted to cheat on your mate, repercussions will make you sit up and wonder. Instead clear the clutter and mess at work that needs your personal touch. Health improves for most.

Taurus: Hard work may not be enough today. Delays and obstacles teach you process and protocol. Be patient yet ready for eventualities. Finances for some need sorting out this evening.

Gemini:  The trivia and mediocrity of anything is something beyond your sense and sensibilities. Your goals and Modus Operandi is based on a perfect result. Health is happy.

Cancer: Life, people and circumstances you decide make you cautious and careful. Your spirit remains untouched and you soar high, leaving others who are no match behind. 

Leo: Your attitude calls for a shift. Attracting what you really are is indicated, as honesty is tough to watch. Expect misfortunes, fall, wakeup and rise to every occasion and do yourself proud. Domestic bliss is plenty.

Virgo: Get involved in your work and make the job worth it. Use your talents, hidden and otherwise. New doors open up for some. Hang in there. Make yourself wise and worthy, the rest will be a cakewalk. 

Libra: You will work extremely hard and eventually triumph; personal gain is not necessarily the reason for your exceptional motivation. A loving interaction with your mother is indicated. 

Scorpio: Expect good news from people in top management. A person you don't see eye-to-eye with may try to make life difficult. With a dramatic rise in income, maybe it's time to treat yourself. 

Sagittarius: Your involvement in philanthropic bodies bolsters your position in society. You are happy and satisfied; the day is full of spectacular achievements. You are accident-prone at this time, so just be more careful. 

Capricorn: You find it difficult to say no despite the trouble it often lands you in. A loving interaction with your mother is indicated. There is a possibility of property being damaged. 

Aquarius:  Upcoming deadlines and a new assignment on hand makes up for a hectic yet inspiring day as you pride yourself on your achievements today. However, you could be taken for granted. 

Pices: Hope is good but sensible action and perfect timing needs to be looked at when seeking what you so desire. Saving money is important. Plan wise investments. 
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