How is your day: 23rd September

Last Updated: Saturday, 23 September 2017 (11:05 IST)
Health improves as you make sure you take it easy when it comes to hectic activity or travel today. You prefer to stick to routine and current projects on hand making sure that your focus is on quality. 

A recent job switch for some proves comfortable, happy and stress free and new learning experiences keep you creatively occupied. Students planning to travel abroad for further studies are busy in paperwork. 

Health of a loved one improves and you tie up your schedule in high speed desiring to spend quality time with him/her. Expenditures for some sky-rocket. Maintaining a budget is vital. Make a wise plan. Health is good.

Business partnerships do well as contracts you have been waiting for materialize. Promised money comes in. You get geared up for action-oriented plans later this evening. 

 Love life seems smoother yet you are insecure about your mate and his/her intentions for you and the future you desire. Focus on work related matters with deadlines you need to meet.

In the midst of chaos in your domestic life, chores and work related journeys are plenty and tiring. Make sure you keep your well being as most vital and take on only what you can handle. 

Libra : Work gets tough as current projects run into trouble due to the lack of organization and the mistakes that were overlooked. Start from scratch with enthusiasm, obstacles will take care of themselves.

Scorpio : You will be happy and focused. Your personal life takes a happy turn. This will make you want to be more even-tempered and generous. Where you make a difference and earn appreciation, especially those in creativity.

: Domestic pressures increase, and although you are well equipped, suggestions from close pals can be considered. Those planning a new venture will be busy with paperwork and procedures. 

Capricorn : Work wise certain risks are necessary to take, conviction and blind leap of faith works well and you work wonders. Those traveling meet up with relatives and friends this evening and enjoy unwinding time together.

Aquarius :  An exciting turn of events at work makes you feel enthusiastic and you are inspired to give it your all, however do not underestimate your competitors.

Pisces : All this and more at work is all you can take. Delegate responsibility and give yourself small breaks to rejuvenate and rejoice life and its lighter side.  
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