How is your day: 24th November

Last Modified Sunday, 24 November 2019 (10:54 IST)
Aries: Long-term love relationships run into minor trouble and you are uneasy and upset. Try not to let it affect your work, or money losses are a surety. Celebrate with loved ones.

Taurus: Stress seems a thing of the past today as you make major breakthroughs in your chosen field. Fame and recognition follow suit. Money owed to you returns this evening. Health is good love life is pleasant.
Gemini:  Work wise, more responsibilities come your way, and you are well equipped to deal with last moment delays and contingencies. Financially, a more improved and relaxed phase commences, enjoy spending power.

Cancer:  Business partnerships fare well and new ideas and experimentation can now take place. Though there will be times when a difference of opinion or a clash of egos will bother you, looking at the bigger picture.
Leo:  Tempted to try your luck at quick rich schemes and big money investments can bring losses. Be sensible and prudent. You may just make more than you had bargained for today.
Virgo: Taking charge of both your personal and professional life seems inevitable and urgent today as you could be overwhelmed with events that make no sense to you. An uncertain phase and rash thinking is indicated.
Libra: It is difficult to put into words what you may be feeling, as an emotional void comes about in every area of your life. Take a deep breath, face your fears and do what you need to jump the fence.
Scorpio: You will be happy with your progress and assertive actions today, that seem to be getting you to the place you desire.
Sagittarius: Money channels open up and pending payments you have been waiting for flow in without too much of an issue on hand. If employed, being delegated more responsibility is not what you desire but be compelled to do.
Capricorn: Smooth sailings for the most part both work wise and in your personal life today, as you manage to stay on top of things despite the obstacles and delays.
Aquarius: Work wise smooth sailing comes in. Although watch what you do or say today, as misplacing or completely loosing valuable/important documents/valuables is not ruled out.
Pisces:  Peaceful mind body soul connection is all you need to focus on, the rest will fall into place, allow results to be the byproduct of your growth, allow love and acceptance to be your forte.
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