How is your day : 25th August

Last Updated: Sunday, 25 August 2019 (10:46 IST)
Those emotionally involved with already committed individuals will set themselves up for failure. Love yourself today. If married, children in your environment and their education are important.

 Learning to be more forgiving is a challenge, but well worth everything you get in return. Overseas travel for business-cum-pleasure gives you an opportunity to rise in your chosen field.  Domestic life is peaceful.

:  Domestic disturbances continue and an untoward incident shakes your confidence this morning. However, you muster all your determination and head to work where important decisions need to be taken.

:  It is all about getting to that quiet place in your heart and listening to that voice that guides you and shows you what to do next both at work and in your troubled personal life. Outside voices do not matter.

:  Getting your act together is a chore, as for some of you being complacent and focusing on fun is still your best choice, balance is the key or losses and goodwill suffer.

: A new proposal at work /business could involve risks today. But you are ready to take a chance and be different in your otherwise over cautious attitude. Manifesting big dreams in calm is indicated. 

Libra : If a colleague at work spreads rumors, smile even more. It is all part of learning that insecurity is universal. Making an effort to tackle yours will change your environment to positive and conducive to growth.

Scorpio : Teamwork between partners is excellent today. Enjoy an evening out with good friends. You can expect a stimulating exchange of ideas.

: If single, someone new and interesting should be viewed as a pal. Jumping the gun will lead to heartbreak. Enjoy family this evening.

Capricorn :  Money that comes in quickly goes out the same way. Find time for romance and ignore any and all distractions. Try to keep your temper in check. Things will settle down nicely today.

Aquarius :  Today's business developments give you cause to be happy. You may go out celebrating with a close companion tonight. Ups and downs are likely to bother you.

Pisces:-  The universe hopes you realize that playing games and manipulating will backfire as it lovingly teaches your sincerity and integrity which you apply both at work and in your personal life. Splurge as life is worth living.
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