How is your day: 25th July

Last Modified Wednesday, 25 July 2018 (10:29 IST)
Aries : Business partnerships flourish as you share perfect understanding and rapport with your partner who is supportive and agrees on doing something different taking the necessary risk at this time. 

Taurus : Family members are worried about you and your future as you tend to be discreet about your plans in every area of your life and don’t bend to anybody’s rules or ways.

Gemini : You try and be more adjusting today, especially if in a business partnership where opinions are different and difficult to deal with, the married enjoy spouse.

Cancer : Family and spending precious time with family makes up your fun and relaxing day as you are pampered to the hilt. A short trip/journey is not ruled out.

Leo : If single, you look for excitement this evening. Make sure it’s in the right places.

Virgo : Minor tiffs with your beloved can ruin your mood today. Don’t let anything come in between.

Libra : IYou spend yet another hectic day at work especially if creatively inclined or in the media. The evening spells fun. Keep your grouses aside and lighten up. 

Scorpio :  Action at work /business is taken by you after much thought and consideration as you find yourself in tricky situations that are both challenging yet chaotic.

Sagittarius : If you owe money to others, your own channels of abundance can be blocked today. Make sure you make the right choices and sort out messes of any kind.

Capricorn : Innovative ideas at work and you are in the lime light as you get the response you expect and are happy to widen your horizons. Build on personal goodwill and you will reap rich dividends.

Aquarius : A job switch is on your mind and yet you think hard of the comfort zone you are in and wait a while, weighing the pros and cons carefully before you take the leap you internally desire.

Pisces : Marriage bells for the single are indicated and loved ones are more than overjoyed.
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