How is your day: 25th October

Last Modified Friday, 25 October 2019 (11:29 IST)
Resentments may come in the way of progress. Be practical and generous when it comes to others. Allow past misunderstandings to rest and start anew.

:Work pressures increase and you put in more effort, ask for more assistance and get organized. Finances are key, as you will invest more into a current project. Success is assured. 

A busy day as incomplete assignments, and pending paperwork keep you occupied, certain delays are inevitable. 

Health improves, if employed; an early start is indicated as sudden travel plans for business cum pleasure. Those in love have many a minor tiff with their mate. An early resolution is advisable.

Busy with domestic matters you may have to cancel prior made plans with associates. A temporary phase! Disappointments are plenty and yet you try to get it all going. 

Adventurous and unpredictable, you do a number on many today sometimes in jest and other times to get your point across, as work you feel needs more focus and some taking you for granted needing a jolt.

Libra :  Funds you need come to you easily today and using them wisely you feel needs a meeting with associates at work/business this afternoon, results are good! and promising.

Scorpio : Finances need your urgent attention today as losing money or the mismanagement of it will cost you a lot, professional help at this juncture will open the windows and doors to flaws overlooked.

:Obstacles are unnecessary and how you handle them important, make things go your way coming from can eviction and if it doesn't work, take help that will be offered. Love life is as colorful as ever.

Capricorn : Putting time and money into anything you don't believe in needs to be stopped immediately. Be yourself. Loads to gain. At home, a simple situation may get complicated if you neglect it today. 

Aquarius :Reaching long-term goals require consistency. Discover it within yourself and allow it to grow! If you are not happy at work, take immediate action. Change it forever. Health is satisfactory. Love life is stagnant. 

Pisces : A busy day as incomplete assignments, and pending paperwork keep you occupied, certain delays are inevitable. Building a good rapport with colleagues will make things easier and results will come in quicker.
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