How is your day: 26th August

Last Modified Monday, 26 August 2019 (11:18 IST)
Work is worship today, and you in the mood to be innovative and adventurous with new ideas brimming in your head. Calculated risks work wonders, the universe backs up genuine effort.
Taurus: Personal life is peaceful today after resolving many a domestic strife, keep the faith and things will remain good, money owed to you returns and a shopping spree this evening is enjoyable and rejuvenates your spirit.
Gemini: A light schedule at work emerges as you are more keen and enthusiastic about completing a prestigious current project well and tying loose ends when it comes to pending paperwork and correspondence.

Cancer: Love life bounces back to normal,but expecting too much of a confused mate will mar harmony. Infuse spaces and play it by the ear. Try not to let your insecurities get the better of you.
Leo: Work wise great guns for those of you in the import/export arena. Clinching deals are worth some celebrations this evening. Keep it up!
Virgo: Happy are your state of mind and a sense of lightheartedness as you master your talent and put it to practice deriving good results and encouraging money inflows.
Libra: The pace at work may be sluggish and frustrating. However, you'll be very successful with a personal negotiation. An adviser will give you the right guidance about a concern that's been bothering you.
Scorpio: Watch extravagant moods and desires. Either you or others may be tempted to go overboard on spending. Apply tough sanctions and consequences to an offender.
Sagittarius: You may be dealing with a person who's opinionated, but otherwise it's a good day for travel, academics, and trips.
Capricorn: Too many minor distractions to cope with today, including a sensitive person who exaggerates. Be patient in your efforts. The morning focuses on job, health and appearance.
Aquarius: A talk with a family member leads to a better understanding of each other's needs. You will be busy putting the finishing touches on a special project.
Pisces: An inclination to withdraw into you can cause problems with close ties. Leave open the door of communication.
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