How is your day: 26th July

Last Modified Thursday, 26 July 2018 (10:34 IST)
Work wise, it is a slow laboring day ahead of you and there will be times when you will want to pack it all up and move. You could be on the brink of a breakthrough so wait a while. 

Being choosy about projects and guided by instinct, you move ahead with purpose and determination today. Although you will be met by adversity and difference of opinion, you are sure of your ideas and convince others.

Losers and users have no space in your life and work today as you get to your winning strategy and make all the difference positive and bright. Take a chance!

New beginnings are good and you are on tenterhooks making sure that there are no mistakes or eventualities from your side. Focus on the now and more money is a surety with a prize position in store. 

Your idea of success is different from others and you choose to do it your way this time even if it means taking a risk. Those of you living overseas plan to take a trip back home to meet up with family.

Much appreciation and a definite wage hike may be promised to some of you today, proving to be an inspiration to push yourself harder. However make sure your health is not affected adversely, as it will not be worth it. 

Libra : You are normally enthusiastic and all geared up as you meticulously move towards your dream goals. Although you feel the lack of support from envious colleagues and judgmental seniors, you remain as focused as ever.  

Scorpio :  Knowledge and learning is important to you and some of you decide to take a break from routine affairs and sign up for a new course to enhance your chances to make you desire in your chosen field.  

: You plan to be true to yourself and take a break from pressure and regular work letting your instinct guide you towards inner light. Hopefully new paths and opportunities will come up as your faith and conviction.

Capricorn : Work wise you tend to be over choosy and moody today, and do exactly as you please. Your brash and sometimes blunt speech hurt others both in your professional and personal life. 

Aquarius : Responsibility not taken seriously will make you fall flat on your force. Participate in something you know needs attention in your life. Be a part of the solution and not the problem as isolation and disdain. 

Pisces : Nobody touches you when it comes to generosity of heart and you win many over. Helping and assisting comes to you naturally. Work wise enjoy new beginnings which invite many others changes.
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