How is your day: 26th March

Last Modified Thursday, 26 March 2020 (11:35 IST)
Aries: Those interested in selling property, get good offers today and will be busy in paperwork and procedure for the same. Routine work can get mundane. It is best to keep low profile and not take on any new risks.

Adjusting to domestic life and daily strife is always a challenge but nothing you cannot handle with your will and skill. Those traveling will need to be extra careful of their health. 

Gemini:  With a new attitude, a different approach, a surprising strategy and much more, you are on the way to path breaking success in your chosen field. Focus and finance is an area you excel in.

Cancer: Delays and obstacles are part and parcel of business. Losing your cool with people and wasting time and energy is not advised.

Leo: An exciting turn of events at work makes you feel enthusiastic and you are inspired to give it your all, however do not underestimate your competitors.

Virgo: any happy moments in a lucrative day at work where your contribution makes all the difference. Later this evening, you do more than your best to get your point across to a close pal going through an emotional upheaval.  

Libra: Love life is rocky and it seems to run into pattern. Ask yourself whether this is in an ideal situation. Save yourself from trouble. All the best.

Scorpio: You feel the need to clear the air between you and a senior at work, getting off the ego clashes; A great way for new beginnings. Do not take anything or anyone seriously until proven. 

Sagittarius: A perfectionist at work, others may fail to understand your constant passion. Let it not bother your creative process and progress. Emergencies at work do not allow for you to take huger risks and limit your progress. 

Capricorn: Short tempered, you tend to play vengeful games with your mate, with whom you are very upset. What goes around comes around. Be extra careful of your thoughts. Self-respect is the most essential ingredient.

Aquarius:  Light bulb moments and doing something about them at the earliest is your forte. Do it again. Be proud of your achievements Long-term investments are good for the purpose of saving. 

Pices: Creative people make a mark, earn appreciation and are ready to take on a few risks today that are sure to work. If married, you celebrate a happy event with your spouse hosting a grand party amidst loved ones.
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