How is your day: 29th January

Last Modified Sunday, 28 January 2018 (22:32 IST)
Aries: The new alliance or pact is possible today. One needs to avoid the altercation to escape trouble.
The help of officials will be beneficial.
Taurus: The possibility of  attaining prosperity in life is rife. A peaceful day inside and outside the home. The opponents are silent.
Gemini: The possibility of financial gain is very much there. One needs to drive safely as you may land up in an accident. An unknown, fear grips you.

Cancer:  Not  a good day as you find yourself surrounded by disease and financial loss. One needs to remain patient as cash inflow may stuck.

Leo: You reap a decent benefit despite facing opposition. One needs to be patient and trust wisdom.

Virgo: The day is quite smooth as work gets completed in time and cash comes in your pocket.  One has to complete the work systematically.

Libra: You are pumped up to complete the task given to you. The prosperity knocks your door despite hurdles from opposition.

Scorpio: The disease will have an adverse effect on your strength. One needs to be patient and wait for favorable situation.
Sagittarius: Arrival of Guests will increase the expenditure.The journey is going to be beneficial.
Capricorn: The people of the opposite gender will be generous for you. The health will be good and sadness vanish away. 
Aquarius:  You reap monetary benefits and eradicate pain despite planning and plotting of your opposition.  
Pisces:- No relief from the long time trouble as you require more effort and patience. The sadness grips you for the whole day.
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