How is your day : 29th July

Last Modified Wednesday, 29 July 2020 (10:15 IST)
 The inside demons dominates you today. A good news is expected to come today. You can do an investment planning.
:  If an interview is scheduled today, you are surely going to crack it. An official tour will bring the desired results. A monetary benefit will come out of nowhere.

:  Big expenditures stares at your pocket today. You need to keep important things at the correct places. Avoid an altercation with anyone.

:  A pending amount will be recovered today. You are advised to be careful about health as chances of getting sick are rife.

:  Injury and disease are waiting to make your day troublesome. The modus opernadi of work sees an improvement.  A new policy will be chalked out.

:  A legal entangle is set to make you busy today. Business and professional chores are running smoothly. You discover your spiritual side today.

Libra :  A loss has to be incurred either by a theft or accident. It is advised that not to arrive at a decision in a haste.

Scorpio :  You turn a cynical person in personal and professional life, that acts as a barrier. A good day to invest in a property.
:  You may suffer from injury or disease. You come an inch closer to your goal.  A real estate deal will be profitable for you.

Capricorn :  A day when students taste success . A good day for foodies as well as they relish mouth watering dishes.

Aquarius :  Good chances may just slip out of your hands today. A sad news may spoil your day. Additional efforts are required to reach your goals.

Pisces:-  A rise in your prestige is witnessed by others. The day is going to be beneficial for you.
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