How is your day: 29th November

Last Modified Friday, 29 November 2019 (11:08 IST)
Aries: Dealing with real people in the real world, you will get your act together. Short cuts will not work. Be confident whilst making the changes. Today, you take on new challenges.

Taurus: Your intentions make for the difference, forge ahead with confidence. Love life is uneasy, focus on what works make your day. Long-term investments are you’re forte and extremely brilliant in every way.
Gemini:  Finances improve and you splurge on loved ones, a shopping spree turns out more expensive than you bargained for. Take it easy.

Cancer:  Many a change /new beginning you have waited for happens, its a good day to take that risk you are contemplating and move ahead.
Leo:  Chaotic situations come to a peaceful end. Both at the work place and home, you make the necessary adjustments. For some of you, finances stuck continue to be delayed. Make important calls.
Virgo: Those involved in a creative field, feel blocked and run out of ideas today, take time off to put ideas together and then move slowly towards action.
Libra: A new you, with new ways of being and thinking will bring you the success you work and have been looking forward to in your chosen field of work. You are being observed, do your best, leave the rest.
Scorpio: Taking a step would mean being consistent in your case. Try to be prudent and precise about your decisions and many a path open up for you. Those in the media travel. Gain from exposure. Finances improve. 
Sagittarius: A tendency to be hard on yourself needs to be checked, give creativity utmost importance, if you are upset at the misunderstandings taking place on the domestic front, open communication is what you think will help.
Capricorn: There will be moments of regret as you may despite weighing pros and cons make some incorrect decisions, change it in your favor, and do the best you can provide.
Aquarius: Work is worship, and yet there are moments on unsure and insecurity. Faith! Getting fine-tuned would mean bringing on the changes from within.
Pisces:- There will be those who come to teach you that trusting blindly should be avoided, keep smiling, At a meeting this afternoon you are determined to get your point across to an unreasonable associates be patient.
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