How is your day: 2nd December

Last Modified Monday, 2 December 2019 (11:22 IST)
Aries: Unexpected money is a blessing. Health is good. An informal meeting an associate turns out to be the best move of the day. Those in long-term relationships plan marriage. Blessings are in plenty.

Taurus: Your promise a lot at works, however completion is an issue. Delegate responsibilities following your instinct. Do it right. Love life improves and you feel warm, comfortable and accepted by your beloved.
Gemini: Offers you receive are good, but the fine print is important to take into consideration. Be smart today. Money invested starts paying you rich dividends and you plan new schemes and business deals.

Cancer:  Taking others for granted will backfire be in gratitude and the chances of you earning a good name at work.  Those dealing/selling beauty or beauty items have a lucrative time. Good publicity comes your way.
Leo:  You tend to be impulsive in your speech and create waves wherever you go. Smile. Be diplomatic and caring. Work is worship. Although all work and no play makes you dull. Have a fun time this evening.
Virgo: Creating news way of doing the same old thing at work breaks monotony and turns out to be exciting and brilliant. Expenditures are high and you may be spending much more than you make today.
Libra: Tribulations are a part of life. Your state of mind determines the kind of success you attract Make a positive clearing. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Think twice before you say or do anything.
Scorpio: More accepting and benevolent, you forge ahead with confidence in every area of life. If situations bother you, work around them. Travel for some is business cum pleasure; make the most of it all.
Sagittarius: You take up a new project that may require detailed research. Get to work immediately. Appreciation waits. Being superstitious is not valid. A strong will and harmony will bring about the shift in your life and thinking.
Capricorn: Tax related matters need urgent tending to. Be honest and good things follow. Consult professionals today. It will take you more than grit to understand the gravity of any situation. The secret lies in you.
Aquarius: A promotion at work happens encouraging you to be of service. Happier days are ahead. Make your dreams come true. Be good to yourself.
Pisces:- Schedule important meetings or discussions today. It will prove lucky and results will be excellent. Things are about to become more interesting. Try not to be opinionated. Flow with the tied, you make amends in love.
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