How is your day: 2nd January

Last Modified Wednesday, 2 January 2019 (10:52 IST)
Aries: Health gets hit by the disease and you remain gripped by worries. Avoid altercation and trolls.  A journey is on the cards and one needs to be cautious.
Taurus: The opponents are in passive mode, but physical injuries will haunt you. A good day to find soulmate, but the day remains troublesome.
Gemini:  Not a good day for Mothers. It is advised not to exaggerate an issue.  New worries will make you busy all day.  A journey is very much possible today. 

Cancer:  The needs crosses your means today , which may lead to financial imbalance.  It is advised to avoid taking a loan. 

Leo:  An eye problem may  play a spoilsport in your day.  The Journey is delayed and opponents are in active mode.  You are able to earn some profit in the end.
Virgo:  Avoid a situation of self goal. An unwanted fear will haunt you all day long. Expenses and worries are set to be raised.  

Libra: Bad health and news paints the day in a gloomy picture.  An environment of loss, fear will grip you today. 

Scorpio: A Topsy Turvey day for you, hands a victory to you in the end. It is advised to remain away from self adulation and remain honest.
Sagittarius:  Possibility of the journey is on the cards. You may become the owner of  an immovable asset. Opponents are in active mode.
Capricorn:  The opponents will create a lot of trouble. The journey will be troublesome and will not fetch a desired result.
Aquarius:  Businessman should not take decisions in haste.  Few benefits will be accompanied by a major loss.  Bad company will land you in trouble.
Pisces:- A new and auspicious work kicks off today. It is advised to remain away from the altercation. The worries will take time to leave you.
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