How is your day: 30th July

Last Modified Thursday, 30 July 2020 (10:12 IST)
A talk with a family member leads to a better understanding of each other's needs. You'll be busy putting the finishing touches on a special project.

An inclination to withdraw into you can cause problems with close ties. Leave open the door of communication.

On the job, you must pace yourself today. Don't do things in a hurry. Going out for fun is better than staying in.

Sensitive and sensible, you work towards a modus operandi that suits you and gives good results at work. Travel for some is lucrative. Health improves.

You'll make progress with a creative project and reach a new understanding with a child. Happy times come through fun pastimes.

Take the initiative in romance or in making entertainment plans. At night, however, you may be pre-occupied with a creative project.

Libra : You may have a heavy workload today, but you'll be pleased with your success. Tonight your intuitive powers are absolutely on the spot.

Scorpio :  It's a fairly routine day, but improved powers of concentration will enable you to accomplish a bit more than usual. Things settle down nicely today.

:  Today's business developments give you cause to be happy. You may go out celebrating with a close companion tonight. Ups and downs are likely to bother you.

Capricorn :  Watch extravagant moods and desires. Either you or others may be tempted to go overboard in spending. Apply tough sanctions and consequences to an offender.

Aquarius : Pace at work picks up although money may be delayed and reinvesting may compel you to apply for a loan. Things work out in your favor eventually.

Pisces : You'll be excited about a promising business opportunity, but this is not a good day to push your luck. Be patient and bide your time.
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