How is your day: 30th November

Last Modified Saturday, 30 November 2019 (11:55 IST)
Aries: Work sorts itself out as you follow your hunches blindly and create waves, action oriented plans follow suit, money owed is further delayed, make those important calls and get assertive, health improves considerably.

Taurus: Short cuts and manipulations have their temporary results, however you will fall into trouble if you do not mend your ways, look at long term results, love life is under a cloud, infuse space and freedom.
Gemini:  On top of the world and going places in every area of your life is you today; make the most of the Midas touch. Those traveling need to be careful of minor mishaps this evening, loved ones are supportive.

Cancer:  Fool as many as you like, today ask your heart what you need to be, to do in order to achieve your dream goals both professionally as well as in your personal, make sure the premise is integrity.
Leo:  Peaceful mind body soul connection is all you need to focus on, the rest will fall into place, allow results to be the byproduct of your growth, allow love and acceptance to be your forte.
Virgo: Higher intelligence will take care of trouble you smile on at work doing your best and proving your talents as usual. Love life sparkles.
Libra: Outspoken in your ways, you tend to be over assertive and misunderstood today. Infuse space and give others the time to understand you better. Money becomes a big issue for you.
Scorpio: Dealing with real people in the real world, you will get your act together. Short cuts will not work. Be confident whilst making the changes.
Sagittarius: Your intentions make for the difference, forge ahead with confidence. Love life is uneasy, focus on what works make your day. Long-term investments are you’re forte and extremely brilliant in every way.
Capricorn: Work wise you ride on big breakthroughs and new opportunities knocking on your door, strike the iron whilst its hot, yet weighing pros and cons carefully.
Aquarius: Many a change /new beginning you have waited for happens, its a good day to take that risk you are contemplating and move ahead.
Pisces:- Chaotic situations come to a peaceful end. Both at the workplace and home, you make the necessary adjustments. For some of you, finances stuck continue to be delayed.
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