How is your day: 3rd December

Last Modified Tuesday, 3 December 2019 (11:30 IST)
Aries: New ventures take time, patience and a determined spirit. Money inflow improves and you are more confident. You find yourself dealing with situations never imagined before - Be innovative, you will be successful.

Taurus: Keep your plans and decisions to yourself. Discretion works wonders. A mentor/advisor will play a vital role in your growth today. Be good and listen with honor. Travel is sudden, yet fruitful and happy.
Gemini:  You may not feel comfortable with certain new folk at work. It is a matter of time. Be prudent and patient. Health needs care, Alternative medicinal help will relieve you of all your ailments. Set yourself free.

Cancer:  There's nothing to stop you branching out in a new direction at work. Rejoice at the new beginnings. Enjoy! Speak with your seniors/associates who may help review your role. Be true to yourself.
Leo:  Distracted due to trouble at home, its important for you to refocus your energies and bring yourself back on track. Take a realistic view of how much you can expect to do in one go.
Virgo: Putting time and money into anything you don't believe in needs to be stopped immediately. Be yourself. Loads to gain. A simple situation may get complicated if you neglect it today. Be patient and keep the faith.
Libra: Reaching long-term goals require consistency. Discover it within yourself and allow it to grow! If you are not happy at work, take immediate action. Change it forever. Love life remains in the background.
Scorpio: It's tempting to work harder. e ensures success. You are making steady progress in every front. Try not to get influenced by opinions of persons who do not matter in the bigger picture.
Sagittarius: Do nothing until you are absolutely certain. You deserve it all - the success and the fame. The sweetest, easiest rewarding phase of your career interests; Wise and witty, you make your mark.
Capricorn: There is no pressure on you. Your success is assured and you will just turn out to be everyone's favorite. Repairing the damage in a personal relationship is not easy.
Aquarius: Following a feeling becomes valid when you don't attach desiring appreciation for it, be your own judge today.
Pisces:- There will be shortcuts you are allowed to take at work, but you stick to the old long familiar path, your choice enamors others. Stay happy! Love wise you seem a wee bit dissatisfied, and if you need a change.
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