How is your day: 3rd February

Last Modified Sunday, 3 February 2019 (10:59 IST)
Aries: Routine work and deadlines are your forte and your focus today as you neglect your personal life and try not to think too much of someone you missing. Facing your own truth and resolving it will bring clarity and freedom.
Taurus: If creatively inclined, you make the most of a platform given to you, showcasing what you have to offer and in turn getting other work signing lucrative contracts, travel could be part of your agenda. 

Gemini: The employed are busier than ever with little or no choice when it comes to assignments over assignments today. Team effort and compatibility with colleagues will make things easier.

Cancer:  An, eventful day. gather your experiences and make those important connections that will change your life, if money is a huge issue, expenses will get higher, attracting exactly what you fear. 

Leo:  Groping in the dark, time to grow up, get responsible, chuck the resentment and be grateful for your lot, which maybe just more than others have, just as you waste more time comparing and copying others. 

Virgo: Success and you hold hands and nothing and no one touches you as you get your agenda right, fortitude and forgiveness to all those who hurt you makes you healthy wealthy and wise. 

Libra: Work is plenty and although you had planned a day trip, cancellations are probable today, delegate responsibility if possible and follow your heart. All the best.
Scorpio: Love life and all the problems you have been facing end as you decide to face the truth and set those you don't love free, a shopping spree is enjoyable and helps you relax. Health remains good. 
Sagittarius: In a party mood as always and ready to celebrate a happy event at home today is indicated, some of you pack your bags all ready to travel and take a break. Enjoy you deserve it! Health improves. 
Capricorn:  Action at work /business is taken by you after much thought and consideration as you find yourself in tricky situations that are both challenging yet chaotic.
Aquarius:  Health improves and you manage to have the energy to go in the right directions. However take it easy when it comes to outside food and drink. Shopping spree is something you enjoy very much this evening.

Pisces: If you owe money to others, your own channels of abundance can be blocked today. Make sure you make the right choices and sort out messes of any kind.
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