How is your day: 3rd January

Last Modified Friday, 3 January 2020 (11:08 IST)
Aries: You find yourself gripped by the fever and worries. The foes are in passive mode. One needs to avoid the altercation for the sake of self respect.
Taurus: The opportunities for financial gains knocks your door.  It is advised to drive vehicle carefully. The situations are favorable.
Gemini: A hurdle is expected from maternal side and an accident is also on the cards. A financial gain will make your day.  

Cancer:  The opponents are in the passive mode. The wealth finds its way to reach your pocket. However, high possibility of fear and worries during the day.  

Leo:  Opponents may trouble and insult you. One needs to perform the work with concentration.
Virgo:  Money will find more ways to settle in your account. The body will become lethargic. The opponents are in a passive mode.   

Libra: Opponents are ploting a web for you, so one needs to be extra cautious. No gain, no loss day for you. 

Scorpio: Perfect time to show your strength. Avoid pride and embrace politeness. A day of reaping benefit.
Sagittarius: Follow what your lady love or wife says today. A journey is on the cards.
Capricorn:  A perfect day to earn financial gain. The journey is on the cards. However the opponents will become active today.
Aquarius:  You are not satisfied despite financial gain. The worries set to disturb you the whole day.
Pisces:- There seems to be no respite from the worries and altercation. The day will bring desired results.
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