How is your day: 4th January

Last Modified Thursday, 4 January 2018 (11:07 IST)
You battle the whole day against laziness and bad health. An altercation is on the cards. Opponents are on passive mode

Despite facing protest the situation looks amicable for you. Be cautious in using vehicle and machineries. The opponents are silent.

Gemini :The bad health of mother is a major concern. The cash flows in your bank account but still you are in fear. Vehicle and machineries may create trouble.

You will be hit by bad health today. One needs to  be cautious as the accident is on the cards. You will feel lazy throughout the day.
 One needs to be extra cautious and alert as opponents are up to something against you and new enemies will be born today.

:The modus operandi takes a hit but without any effect on the profit. A dilly dally attitude continues. 

Libra :  You need to leave laziness and pace up the work to earn surplus gain. The foes may pose trouble for you.

Scorpio : If you play to your potential, there is sure shot success waiting for you. A rise in respect and profit will make your day. 

:A pre planned journey will fetch you the desired result.  The coordination in the family  is better and you are on a shopping spree.

Capricorn : The benefit gets delayed ,which is not a sign of worry. One needs to be attentive in Journey. The lady love Is favorable for you. 

Aquarius :The bad health and laziness will pose hurdle in the daily proceedings of the life. The tensions are set to rise.  

Pisces : One has to keep trying constantly for attaining happiness and profit as the day doesn’t looks good. You need to be patient today. 
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