How is your day: 4th July

Last Modified Monday, 3 July 2017 (18:33 IST)
Aries Your intentions make for the difference, forge ahead with confidence. Love life is uneasy, focus on what works make your day. Long-term investments are you’re forte and extremely brilliant in every way.
Taurus : Finances improve and you splurge on loved ones, a shopping spree turns out more expensive than you bargained for. Take it easy.
Gemini : A change / new beginning you have waited for happens, its a good day to take that risk you are contemplating and move ahead.

Cancer : A delayed start at work, you want to make sure all minute details are looked into. Situations can get complicated if you involve yourself into petty politics. Focus on deadlines. You may need more than one opinion today when it comes to a big decision.
Leo :Muster up the courage to do exactly what you desire in life and start the chain of happy events in every area. Finances and the lack of it bother you no end today. Take a chance with one of your brilliant ideas.
Virgo Litigation/ government related matters need your urgent attention. Give it all! Health improves for most although you need to be extra careful when it comes to urgent overseas travel that will be on the cards. 
Libra You feel the need to clear the air between you and a senior at work, getting off the ego clashes; A great way for new beginnings. Promises made are need to be kept. 
Scorpio : A perfectionist at work, others may fail to understand your constant passion. Let it not bother your creative process and progress. Emergencies at work do not allow for you to take huger risks and limit your progress. 
Sagittarius : Light bulb moments and doing something about them at the earliest is your forte. Do it again. Be proud of your achievements Long-term investments are good for the purpose of saving. 
Capricorn : Short tempered, you tend to play vengeful games with your mate, with whom you are very upset. What goes around comes around. Self-respect is the most essential ingredient. If you feel you lack some of it.
Aquarius : Those in love may not get the kind of response they are awaiting. It’s best to allow for freedom and wait in patience. Money comes in and you enjoy spending power. Charity is a huge part of your being. 
Pisces : Chaotic situations come to a peaceful end. Both at the work place and home, you make the necessary adjustments. For some of you, finances stuck continue to be delayed. 

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