How is your day: 4th November

Last Modified Friday, 3 November 2017 (14:45 IST)
Work improves and you plan to take on a few more suggestions from trusted associates and take a calculated risk. It works wonders, forge ahead with confidence, love life is topsy turvy, be patient and keep smiling.  

Health needs taking care, its wise not to neglect minor ailments. Those creatively inclined face major confusions about projects on hand. Organization and clarity is key. Work toward it.  

If it works for you, go right ahead and do exactly as you please, call the shots and get things moving at work. Upcoming travel needs a good plan and wise budgeting. 


:Topsy turvy only means more patience and prudence needs to be practiced today, and you will notice a shift, desirable! Providing you the results you seek. 

Being open to others and communicating will make for all the positive difference in every area of your life today. Be positive and true to yourself.
Business cum pleasure travel will be both lucrative and relaxing as you manage to make the most of it all. Money inflow improves and you plan on a shopping binge with close pals this evening. 

Libra : Temperamental and feeling out of sorts today, you try your best to give up on certain situations at work; you will have no control over.  

Scorpio : Gregarious and generous, you go out of your way to improve public relations with old /new clients/customers in your chosen field of work. Weigh pros and cons carefully if considering a get rich quick scheme.   

Integrity in your dealings with people and at work will mean a lot of growth and progress; make wise choices when faced with big decisions.  

Capricorn : Work wise you are more than ready to give your best. Give your competitive streak a rest, and simply have the conviction that you are the best, the rest takes care of itself.   

Aquarius : Changes are plenty and inevitable today. Escaping them will prove a waste of time and energy. Face your deepest fears and great relief comes over.  

Pisces : Resentments may come in the way of progress. Be practical and generous when it comes to others. Allow past misunderstandings to rest and start anew.  
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